Monthly Archives: August 2019

Inhale, Exhale

birdciggytippiwhew! i got the cartoons drawn & the radio piece submitted. when church was over i just stayed home and relaxed. a couple of hours later jenny said, “let’s go for a sunday drive.” we meandered down 87th street and stopped at a turkish coffee shop along the way. other stops included shawnee mission park & desoto.

Kamikaze Cram Sessions

HSTworkspace the next 48 hours are going to feel like i’m cramming for college finals. jim mathis has commissioned me to draw cartoons for his next book called the camel and the eye of the needle. i read most of the book yesterday, and i’ll crank out some material for him today. then starting at noon tomorrow, i’ll be in a 24 hour race against other radio producers. it’s a contest to see who can write, edit, and produce the best 4 minute non-fiction piece for a santa monica radio station. when the dust clears in a couple of weeks, the winner will collect $1000.

From Bad To Worse

badelvifunny but painful, laughing through the hurt, side splitting nausea… those are the first phrases that come to mind when i think of bad elvis impersonators. i also imagine that they would be accompanied by theĀ portsmouth sinfonia aka the world’s worst orchestra. i can’t stop laughing… ow!

Number Neighbor

numberneighbormy number neighbor reached out to me on monday. if you’re wondering what that means, it’s this: someone out there has my phone number, except for the last digit, and they texted me. so if my phone number ended in 4461, my number neighbor would be 4460. when i asked a few folks at the coffeehouse if they had received a similar text, one guy said “yeah,” and showed me a picture of a cat that his number neighbor had sent him. the screenshot above is how my exchange went. i guess i could have been friendlier.

The Eye Of The Beholder

datsunhere’s what happened. jenny’s cousin kathy said, “dave if you want a cold beer, there’s a ‘frig in the garage where you can get one.” when i saw this old datsun in their garage, i immediately wanted a picture of it. i could’ve done a standing pose outside of it, or even sat in the driver’s seat– but i went for this one instead. kathy let me borrow a 1973 chilton’s manual, and jenny took the photo. kathy’s husband ed is going to fix it up, but i like the rough look it has right now. during the weekend we saw some really cool cars at eddies rod & custom shop, but this is the one i’m going to remember.

“I’ll Stop The World…”

spaceinvaders“…and melt with you.” that’s what modern english sang in the movie, valley girl. whenever i hear that song, time sort of stops, but if i really want to stop time, all i have to do is play an old arcade game. i used to drive to places like tapcade, 1984, and arkadia retrocade– now, thanks to my friend hoovie, i just flip a switch on my own personal arcade machine! when space is invaded, and a donkey’s last name is “kong,” time has slowed down to my speed.