Monthly Archives: March 2017

The Day After The Ball

kids_dogsyesterday was the stay home and read a book ball, and MANY people like the kids in the pic above were doing just that. the johnson county library hosted this event, and encouraged everyone to stay home and read a book from 8am-8pm. they also accepted donations during the 12 hour event. one of the organizers asked me to make a music video, which i did with chris mull’s help. other local artists that made videos included kate cosentino, electric needle room, and bailey west.

My Old Mirror

smaller UPthe best ribs i ever had didn’t come from kansas city. they came from a little tavern in williamsburg, ks. that’s the town where chris’ brother roy lives. roy invited his siblings (& us) to his place for ribs from guy & mae’s tavern. they tasted so good that my eyes rolled back in my head. when i regained my sight, the first thing i noticed was roy’s union pacific mirror… it looked just like the one i had in my bedroom when i lived at home.

Stay Home And Make a Video

jillandramonea couple of months ago bryan voell at the johnson county library asked if i could make a music video for the stay home and read a book ball. my response was… HECK YES! here is the final result after collaborating a few nights and afternoons with my faithful compadr√©, chris mull.