Postcards From Home

postcards from home is a new audio series where jenny & i talk about old postcards and then mail one of them to someone. the idea came to me last week during a visit from my parents. we looked through a shoebox of old postcards that provided alot of entertainment. i didn’t want to write anything until we had actually recorded something. listen to it here, or click below.

3 Responses to Postcards From Home

  1. yes. I am listening in Ecuador. It’s me! I’m the lucky winner. Or do I have to write something creative??? I’m not creative today. You can send it to my parents’ house. Me me me! Love you guys! mwah!

  2. Hi Dave and Jenny
    Love the Postcard idea. Come visit Winside again this summer.

  3. Elizabeth Leach

    I am listening, finally, but didn’t quite get the reference to the credit Jenny gave me. Darn. It happens so seldom. And I think the Indian is a photograph, not a painting. At least that is how it appears to me. Cool story about Steve. He does look good with a beard. Mom collected everything. We are thankful that you took the postcards, Dave. This is a good way to use them. To whom did you send this postcard? Great job, guys. You should send this to NPR. Love, from Elizabeth aka Beth

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