‘Tribe in Flux

here’s another recording i made with the korg monotribe. this one features the flux button. when the flux button is on the ‘tribe sorta squiggles all the audio except the drums.

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  1. Sorry it’s taken me a few days to follow up on the Emerson Lake & Palmer “Good Man” offer you made me. Yesyesyesyesyesyes, pleeeeeeeeeze oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze do that mp3 where you make that sound over & over & over & over. Is it possible to put 4 or 5 seconds between each one? If I’m not recalling correctly, and it’s me who’s supposed to do the repeating, tell me how to do it.

    My dad is better, but tenuous. Please thank Jenny (& I’ll bet you, too) for the prayer. He didn’t recognize my voice on voice mail last week. It’s these “little” things that continually remind me that their dementia is real and not stopping. At some point, he won’t recognize my voice in a direct phone call, and then . . .

    It is good to know that you & Jenny are out there. I am sorry not to be in contact more often. It seems I am spending more time in my “safe chair.”

    Take good care. Give my best to Jenny–I hope one day soon to visit with her again! I believe she is over her illness? May she stay that way!

    ;o) JG

  2. Dear Dave,
    I forgot to ask that when you get time to make that mp3, please make the sound go slow and last awhile–maybe 15 seconds? I was listening to the cheerful sample on your blog. That’s good sound!

    ;o) JG

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