Monthly Archives: December 2012

First Fridays Almost Here

this friday is the first friday of december, which means i’ll be back out on the sidewalk doing the mondo beep thing with old friends and new friends, old weird sounding gadgets and NEW weird sounding gadgets, and maybe an umbrella. fyi: i will have CD’s and various trinkets in exchange for cash tips. AND we’re all going to the screenland crossroads arcade when we’re done making noise on the street.

Wailin’ Wall Returns to Homer’s

wailin’ wall returns to homer’s tonight at 7:30pm. tom cook will join dan, matt, griffin, and me as we play through songs like copperhead road, ramblin’ man, jolene, and let my people go go. where do we play when we’re not at homer’s? sunday mornings at overland park lutheran church.

Last Night at the Crossroads

when the screenland arcade opened in november with 40+ games from the 80s, i knew i would be a regular visitor… i had no idea that my younger friends would love it as much as i do. last night laura, hannah, kitch, and i stayed there til it was midnight, and then walked to YJ’s snack bar. as we consumed spuds and coffee on the sidewalk, the $5000 acid girl rode up on her bicycle and quoted poetry. i got home around 1:30 this morning and fell asleep watching white zombie.