jenny & i drove to wayne, ne to see molly, zeke, and zeke’s family. we had a great time visiting, singing, and hanging out. unfortunately we stopped for coffee in valley, ne on our way home, and got in an accident. we are fine, but our little red zx2 is toast. i’ll post videos and pics from friday and saturday, because the first part of the trip WAS really great… it just ended abruptly.

4 Responses to Bam

  1. Props to your car for protecting you so well. RIP Z!

  2. In the words of Martin, “Damn, Gina!” That looks crazy–glad you both are okay.

  3. Dude, I’m sorry to see that! Who hit you? What were the conditions? Please tell me they have auto insurance!?!?

  4. Oh that hurts, but thank God you are both OK. Hope to see you soon.
    Take care, we love you both with or without a car!

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