“Day To Day We Ache…”

“…with the pain that plagues creation.” I sang this song through a mask at church yesterday. It felt right. Mark Heard (the guy who wrote and sang it) is one of my favorite songwriters. He was under appreciated during his lifetime. He died almost 30 years ago.

Every Picture Tells A Story

garage KITCHshout outtilted KITCHHere’s the story behind these pics: when Kitch closed his salon two years ago and moved to Las Vegas, I grabbed the sign and kept it in my garage. The garage has been a temporary home for many things… Clay’s kayak, neighborhood cats, a pregnant possum… we should start charging rent! It was good to see the sign get used again when Kitch opened up a new salon just down the street behind the Antioch library.

My Bologna Has A New Name

bigbolognakid Yeah, that’s the kid that sang a song about Oscar Mayer bologna in the 1970′s. It’s a jingle that is forever implanted in my long term memory banks. Recently I heard an advertisement for Oscar Mayer Natural on the Office Ladies podcast. When the hosts read an ad about meat with no artificial flavoring, preservatives, additives, etc. it caught my attention. I thought “Wow! My bologna has a NEW name!” and that’s when the creative juices started flowing. This is the spot that I heard read by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (co-hosts of the podcast)– and this is the recording that I emailed them yesterday.

Birthday Buddies

tanner and ringoThey both play drums, they both have R’s in their name, and they have the same birthday. Tanner is 15 today. Ringo is 80. I knew that Tanner got a new drum kit for his birthday, but I didn’t know he was born on July 7th. When he told me I said “holy crap– you have the same birthday as RINGO STARR!!!” Fortunately his parents raised him right and he knew who I was talking about. He just smiled and said, “well I guess it was meant to be.” I joked that our bass player probably shares a birthday with Paul McCartney, and they will kick me out of the band when they find out my birthday doesn’t match up with John or George.

Motel Mancini @ The Iron District

first setMotel Mancini is probably the most punctual band in Kansas City. Our gig was scheduled to start at 6pm and we converged on the scene to set up our gear at 4:45. Then at 4:46 it started raining. Fortunately it was one of those pop up summer storms that doesn’t last that long and we were able to set up an hour later. Angela (Clay’s significant other) recorded our first set and our second set. It was our first time in the Iron District. We got booked because Chris’ niece runs one of the vending spaces (Kind Food) there, and she put in a good word for us. Here’s a bird’s eye view of where we were:Iron_District_02-1024x678The pic above was taken pre-Covid. We only had around 15-20 people show up. The rain and the pandemic kept a lot of people away, but we still had fun. Small venues like this are the only places to see live entertainment these days.

Whatever Happened To Those Little Sailers?

3 little sailersHere’s another trio that made something of themselves… sort of. The little boy in the middle (don’t know his name) posted this pic on Awkward Family Photos and said “My sisters and I decided to do a 40 year recreation of us in these gawd-awful sailor outfits. It was our Mother’s Day gift this year.” These are the ties that bind I guess.3 grown sailers

Two Practices Down… We’re Ready!

raisingAZtwoGot together with Chris and Clay for the second and last practice before our upcoming gig on Saturday. Whew! It’s good to know we can still pull songs out of our hats and out of the air. Look out world! Here comes Motel Mancini!

One Practice Down

raisingAZoneI got together with Chris and Clay last night to practice a handful of songs. The three of us are Motel Mancini. Landing a paying gig is pretty rare these days. We got word that someone wanted to book us for a couple of hours this Saturday. After a flurry of messages we got together for the first time in almost two years to practice last night. We’ll get together one more time before Saturday, then it’s on to fame and fortune.

Night Eyes vs. Morning Eyes

unseenBIRDLast night Mom asked if I could see the bird that she saw in the floor tile pictured above. Can you see it? It was a question that came after I blogged about a face that I saw in my formica table. I told her that my night vision wasn’t so good and I would try again later with morning eyes. After two cups of coffee the bird was still hiding from me. Mom drew in some detail with a pencil and sent me this pic:seenBIRDI was glad she cleared that up for me. Then I looked around that same tile and saw this upside down Scooby Doo ghost waving at me…seenSCOOBYDOOGHOST

T-Shirt In Search Of A Band

letseattrash2When I saw this t-shirt it was one of those moments when I just smiled and shook my head. It’s available on Cool Trendy Gifts along with other t-shirts, mugs, and tank tops. However, this t-shirt looked more like an album cover. It needed a band. So I messed around this morning and gave it both.letseattrashBEAUJANGELL