Days At The MakerSpace

10/12almostfinishedreattached a green gauge to one of the wood panels (it had come out of the bracket). there will be 6 of them hanging on the full sized teeter totter which is almost ready for THE LIBRARY LETS LOOSE. i showed the maker staff pics of the teeter totter on my smartphone. re-drew a 2D hand on the BIG TABLET imported the PNG file over to COREL… then i started losing the ability to concentrate so i went home to drink coffee and eat food.

20171006_135836walked in w/a group of kindergartners! they were taking a tour & being told “look w/your eyes and NOT your hands!” i started eating my breakfast burritos, and showed them my 3D printed teeter totter with the cartoon foot on one end. talked to Stella, and answered questions about the makerspace and my project. she’s here w/her husband, Robert, who is making something on the laser cutter. when things quieted down, i attached knobs and gauges to wooden panels for the big teeter totter. also helped Sally Jadlow w/an audio project she’s doing on AUDACITY.

20171005_115204dismantled a vectorscope today. i bought it (and a tubful of gauges and cranks) from a guy who told me it was used to fix color TV’s. when i said i could use some coffee Thomas said “we’re going to scooter’s, wanna come along?” so i walked to the hardware store w/him and Nick & got coffee at scooter’s. bought some metallic paint for the teeter board handles. they are yellow right now. found some wood back at the makerspace that i can use for attaching gauges, knobs, and faucet handles. the next purchase will be fasteners & screws. met a couple of people who are laser cutting, and also a woman who is making a black cloak for the renaissance festival.

cartoonFOOTThomas showed me the BIG TABLET. it has a stylus for drawing! it’s just like using a pen or pencil, but i can draw (and erase) right on the tablet screen. i can even rest my hand on the screen w/o affecting the picture. i can save drawings in PNG or TFF files & import them into COREL for laser cutting. today i made a two dimensional cartoon foot w/help from Meredith, Brian, and Thomas… and it fits on the 3D printed teeter board!!!  the 2D3D workshop will be a reality now. met Roger who was laser cutting a cool engraving on a sizeable piece of petrified barnyard wood that was 3 inches thick. Penny dropped by to use a straight edge paper cutter. we had a good visit & i showed her the laser cutter, the 3D printers, the BIG TABLET, and both recording studios. edited the 2D hand in COREL after a short lunch break & saved it on a flash drive. met Jeff Newhook. he was the first maker in residence here in the summer months of 2016. he asked me about my project & i asked him what he’s doing now– he’s a maker instructor at science city! also met Jenna Tomlin from Airship Noir & we talked about steampunk decorations/attachments for the full sized teeter totter.

got an idea for my workshop: students will laser cut 2D images that contrast & mount them on 3D teeter totters, then take them home. Thomas outlined his hand & showed me how to save a scanned drawing to be laser cut using COREL software. i drew a few other things to scan, and should be able to do it on my own. still need to “dress up” my full-sized teeter totter w/knobs & switches before the fundraiser on oct. 14. also need to make a prototype 2D-3D teeter totter to figure out how the laser cut images will attach to each end. talked to Dan Torchia, Corey, and a young family who was 3D printing dinosaurs last week.

circlesquareTTwith the steps written on the back of the notebook, i now know how to get the designs from the computer to the 3D printers! which means i don’t have to ask for help… as much. blocky 8-bit ends on the teeter totter might look cool… but how recognizable would they be? i’ll still try ‘em out. now to offset the square, i just need to make a sphere. Nick suggested i print it upside down & use the ‘brim’ feature in CURA. everyone’s using a 3D printer now, so i have to wait. Oh yeah, i can stretch the nut thread by increasing “rotations” (4th thing down under “solid” and “hole”) after ungrouping & clicking on “ISO metric thread.” talked to Chris and Christine about my project. they asked! finally got the opposing objects printed with right sized dimensions for threading nuts on each one.

shortened width of the double triangle support. the first one was too wide. also adjusted the circumference of the teeter board pegs so they’re NOT elongated. printing new support & teeter board now… it should take an hour. still need to make opposing objects to fit in teeter board holes. met Alex King. he is retired, and interested (and knowledgeable) in 3D printing! the new double triangle support fits the teeter board! next up, opposing objects! took a lunch break, and when i came back i made a square for one side of the teeter board.

dropped by for a few minutes to pick up my first teeter totter. the dimensions weren’t right. talked to Richard Boyd for awhile. he’s using the laser cutter for family photos!

10:00am Sally Jadlow was recording audio in AUDACITY, but the playback was skipping like a vinyl record. i thought there was something wrong w/the computer. she’s another customer i remember serving @ Homer’s. i tried to help, but couldn’t find the problem. 10:15am went back home to get phone, coffee, and a notebook. on the way there i was listening to a pledge drive and they were talking about the late Walt Bodine & conversations w/healthy opposition. i got another idea for the TALK AND LISTEN TEETER TOTTER: with each up and down motion, an attached fireplace bellows could inflate a balloon that represents a third idea being born. came back to the library @ 10:30 to update journal & log time for the week. talked to another maker, Leo, about his 3D printed AA to C cell battery converter & answered a couple of questions about the Ultimaker 3D printer. also talked to Seth about his gear box puzzle, which is kind of like a rubik’s cube. now it’s almost 3:15 & i just finished working on the laser cutter. it uses Corel to engrave & cut designs on wood, cardboard, and other flat surface materials. Meredith showed me how to get started when i asked how to use it. i made a doctor who “card” for Ian Mull.celebrate Thomas helped me finish & let me learn from my mistakes: a line drawn image is better than one w/solid colors. the solids don’t transfer well. i also met Corey who is going to make a Back To The Future design. he told me that he has 3 flash drives full of Doctor Who images for the laser cutter. talked to Tina right before i left for home. she’s an architect who asked if i knew the dimensions of a pencil box. i suggested she google it.

scattered two boxes of knobs, switches, and cables to see what would look good or interesting attached to a real sized teeter totter. Liza & Eric came in! i used to serve Liza at Homer’s Coffeehouse. they were exploring the makerspace for the first time. Then Meghan Rowswell came in specifically to meet the maker in residence… me! we exchanged business cards & told each other about projects & ideas.knobsswitches

finished making my 3D nametag in TINKERCAD. Brian and Thomas helped me get it in the right file to 3D print. it’s gonna take close to an hour. i scanned one of my cartoons for the teeter totter page i’m going to debut on the blog.handfootteetertotterthe possibilities here are overwhelming. it’s 4:00 & i’m wearing my MIR (maker in residence) lanyard that i made myself. i left for a couple of hours to eat & run a couple of errands. in about 10 minutes i’ll meet my time requirement for this week (8 hours each week). i made a teeter board in TINKERCAD, next week i’ll make the bottom part.

turned in W9 so i can get paid for this project & get reimbursed for materials. talked to Nick, Thomas, Brian, Meredith, and Bryan Voell at the front desk. Nick suggested i start by learning TINKERCAD so i can 3D print. i can get my head around some of it, but after an hour my vision starts getting blurry. that will be the toughest part of this 4 month project: working longer times on the computer. went home after 3.5 hours, came back to log in some more time– but not on the computer. I wrote down non-computer related stuff i can do tomorrow.

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