Day of Mars

it’s been awhile since danny williams hung out with me on a tuesday and made strange sounds on something electric, but this week he surprised me. fortunately there was a camcorder to capture a few moments of his visit. shine on you crazy diamond.
this is an archive of sound and music recorded on tuesdays in 2011. that’s when danny williams and i recorded guitars, keyboards, custom gizmos, and various thinkgeek gadgets just to see what would happen. day of mars is a rough latin translation for tuesday.
sound hole screamer
electric jasmine wildcat
naked cybil
chill tremolo
electric acoustic & wave pole synth
psycho double d stomp
mono bontempi
big muff and beep it
the hard limit
scary carnival
she read the book
a duck amok
bad martial arts

we also recorded a small audio series: dr. sleepwalk and captain fuzzbot’s replay locomotive. it was a show where danny and i talked about our most recent (and not so recent) blog posts. my personal inspiration for this show is an 80′s podcast that i’ve listened to for years.

show 6
topics: harsh music commentary
show 5
topics: first friday sounds, danny’s new blog
show 5 preview
show 4 preview
show 3
topics: cyndi lauper, debbie harry, joe strummer
002 episode
topics: babysitters and mojo
001 episode
topics: cloud cult, electronic monopoly, scala & kolacny brothers, and custom paper toys

10 Responses to Day of Mars

  1. Dave,

    I am assuming you’ve looked into Foley art/editing. Since you do videos, it’s easy to see you merging Day of Mars w/Foley. Imagine what could be done when you add in the new theremin device you got.

    ;o) Judy

  2. Dave,

    I was just listening to you guys make drinks at Homer’s and noticed what a rhythm was made using the grinder & stirring the liquid in the stainless steel thingy (I am not versed in coffeeania). Have you thought of bringing in your recording stuff one day & capturing the sounds of beverage-making?

    ;o) Judy

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  7. I like Judy’s idea!

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  9. Say, when are you guys going to do some more stuff? ;o)

  10. Just had a blast by activating 6 of your sounds at once…give me a minute…coming down from that…whoa…

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