I Confess…

confessionjenny went to omaha over the weekend, and i went back to 1984 in springfield. the last time i did this, it was a kamikaze trip & i got back home that same night around 2am. this time after 6 1/2 hours of saving galaxies, fighting ninjas, and hunting spies, i spent the night at tom & brenda’s farmhouse. i woke up the next day on their couch to the sound of their snoring bulldog. i feel kinda guilty for not calling my mom or sister, but spending that much time in an arcade is a guilty pleasure.

Tossed Out Tees

9teessome body contours aren’t meant to be seen, and when t-shirts start stretching across my gut like sausage lining, it’s time for them to go. the skinny kid i used to be is finally accepting the body he’s forced to live in– but one day maybe he’ll shed the fat cells like a winter coat, and a light brighter than the sun will shoot out every pore of his body! heads will turn, angels will sing… and then  i’ll wake up. goodbye old t-shirts, you were my second skin.

Rainy Dog, Flexy Hands

raindogswhat?! there she is again! jackie denning is a local artist that has surprised me two times in about 20 years. the first time it was the 1990′s & she was working at mildred’s coffeehouse. i was dropping off a flier for my band, the raindogs. it didn’t have any artwork on it. jackie drew a dog with an umbrella, and before she signed it, i said “you’re jackie denning!” i had already seen her artwork around kansas city, so it was easy to recognize her distinctive style. sometime later she told me she was moving to the east coast.reflexologylast month was the second time jackie’s work caught me off guard. i was at the fairman’s farewell art show, and next to their paintings was a collection of jackie denning t-shirts. i found out she had moved back to kansas city, and was making art again. we left the gallery with a fairman painting & a denning t-shirt.

The Week With Sara II

CROPPED8thgradenatlarchivesthe first two pics are from the glenwood arts theater where we saw won’t you be my neighbor, the movie about mr. rogers. later when sara saw a poster for a bo burnham movie, she said, “i didn’t know he directed a movie!” the last pic is outside the bolender center where we attended the fringe festival & saw a cool aerial acrobatic show.

The Week With Sara

3Dpineappleone of the things sara got to do during her visit with us last week was spend time inside the library’s makerspace. really! it wasn’t even my idea– she specifically asked if we could go there. she 3D printed a pineapple the same day she helped me circuit bend a speak and spell. i attached two wires to a toggle switch, and sara soldered them right to the circuit board, and the next thing we knew there was gibberish coming out of the speaker.saranspeaknspell

Weekend Deadline Approaching

oldtimereporterthe antics, adventures, and stories have been piling up around the cedillo house, which is the vacation headquarters for our niece, sara this week. she has been writing them all down in her journal & we’ve taken a few pics along the way. i’ll post the whole experience after she goes back home on saturday, but until then we’re cramming in as much fun as we can these last few hours! here’s a sneak peek at some of the cool things what we’ve seen:
-aerial acrobatics at the fringe festival
-won’t you be my neighbor, the mr. rogers movie
-a 3D printed pineapple at the makerspace
- a waxing full moon every night

Let’s Get Small

tinysarasara is staying with us for a week, and we couldn’t be happier. on our first day together we: jammed on guitar & ukulele, walked by a drum circle in loose park, played catch, ate tasty yogurt, and sniffed all the pine cones at antioch acres!

A Voice For The Voiceless

everythingisaliveyesterday i woke up without a voice. a few hours later i discovered a brand new podcast called everything is alive. it is “an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. in each episode a different thing tells us its life story.” i could barely talk while louis, a can of cola was telling listeners not to tap his head when he falls off a shelf. that type of thing only annoys him.

Don’t Give A Bug A Chance

justpestcontrolwhat does it mean when an exterminator promotes just pest control? is he trying to express that he’s an honest guy who plays by the rules when he fights all of the the six legged enemies in my house? is he gonna be an impartial softie that allows some of the rodents to live? is he gonna be fair to the ants, roaches, and crickets that i paid him to exterminate? poor michael erwin… he just wanted to make a few bucks as a just pest controller. i don’t think he has the stomach to terminate with extreme prejudice.

DUI Meter

manyjoshuasthe pics above span the years that jenny & i have known josh fairman. the recording below is the second song from the we drive bentleys recording session. josh & i came up with 3 songs & i always wanted to record him singing, but i had to settle for a spoken track enhanced by the voice transformer. this is a PG-14 fairman/cedillo* original titled, DUI meter. lyrics below:
i got three misdemeanors
i got some warts on my pener
no i cannot drive
i got a DUI meter
mama don’t stop me now
mama i don’t know how how
mama don’t stop me now
mama don’t have a cow

*josh wrote & rapped the first 4 lines, i wrote & falsetto-ed the last 4 lines.