Motel Mancini

motel mancini transforms any venue into their own private living room with songs like space oddity, chocolate jesus, and foggy day.
goingovermotel mancini is an acoustic band that started in 2015 when chris mull and i played a blend of swing, surf, and spy tunes at kansas city’s river market. the motel made some renovations when we added clay vinyard on bass. this audio is from a living room jam at chris’ house. 3 amigosshoobiedoobiechris_roy_me_text
meandchrisbest6/27/15 playing in the shade w/dan fitzgerald on banjo

bigger us 6/20/15 dan fitzgerald asked if he could join us, we said “sure!”

5 Responses to Motel Mancini

  1. I can tell just by the picture that your D string is flat.

  2. Jonathon Main

    I miss you guys!

  3. aw thanks jonathon! hope you’re doing well.

  4. will you be doing the market this summer? if and when we get to k.c. I’d like to see you 3 play.

  5. Looks like you guys are having a grand time. Wish I could join.

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