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Neon Time

neonclocktime had a weird habit of stopping at our house for awhile, and not just when the batteries needed changing in the wall clock. when the big hand and little hand kept getting tangled up with each other, we knew it was time for a change. so we said goodbye black espresso clock, hello hot pink neon clock! originally i wanted a clock that could plug into the wall & didn’t need batteries. unfortunately, the only affordable ones i could find were made in the last century, and their remaining lifespan was dubious at best. also, jenny didn’t want something like this in our living room to make it look like a man cave:N7upclockas it turns out, i DO have to plug in our new clock… but that’s only for the neon.

Not The Only One

chloenmefeeti wasn’t the only one to get a new pair of shoes over the weekend. when i said “check out my new shoes,” to chlo√© yesterday, she said “i got new shoes too!” so i took this pic of her vera wang’s and my skechers, hashtagged #fancyfootwear, and wondered why my feet appear to be levitating.

New Steel Toes

guyslookingatpaper if the moon crashed into the earth, life as we know it would be over– BUT if a fifty pound object fell on my toes, i would be alright! how do i know this? i checked the safety stats on my new pair of skechers last night. the boys at the lab say that i have an ASTM F2412-2011 I/75 C/75 steel toe rating on each shoe, and now my feet are WAY safer than they used to be! these shoes can even take direct pressure up to 2500 lbs. before the steel toe starts give.

Tricky 3 Gang Plate Question

3gangplateone of my friends found this pic on facebook. some people left comments for the “would be” home repair person. steven in syracuse said, “that’s for houses on the other side of the street.” will in nebraska suggested, “if you just cut that part off and glue it to the other side you should be good.”¬†thanks again for the photo, sandy!

The Mill

reggieit’s not superman, batman, or the incredible hulk– no it’s WAY cooler than those guys. my nephew, reggie, made his own limited issue 24 page comic, the mill… and my copy came in the mail yesterday! here’s reggie’s description of the mill: “A boy finds an old windmill with strange qualities and sinister ties to another world. Necromancy, monsters-this fantasy adventure story has it all.” you can order reggie’s comic here!

Weird Sense Of Comfort

cycle passengerthe songs are mesmerizing, and sound like they were recorded over 30 years ago. the kids call it vaporwave, i call it dead mall music, and it has a strange calming effect on me. the next time i drive down to 1984, i’ll have the perfect playlist. artists will include:
general translator
saint pepsi
… and if it gets foggy between kansas city and springfield, i might actually go back in time.

Mom & Me

momnme2i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again– i love you mom.momnme1

Getting To Know You

petethe internet introduced me to a few people this week. one of them was howard, an obscure 80′s music fan from massachusetts. he was trying to remember a song from the early days of MTV, but he didn’t know the artist or any of the lyrics. the only thing he could remember was the music video, and it had “a man walking through an apartment past singing mannequin heads.” i posted a link to a weird little little song, and asked “is this it?” that song is mostly made up of mannequins, shaving, and pete townshend NOT playing a guitar. that was it.

Good Times @ The Motel

sandsMANCINIinprogressthe threat of icy weather didn’t stop motel mancini last friday night. we played like it was sunny enough to go swimming– but we stayed dressed for winter. the following songs were recorded: i want jesus to walk with me which went right into clay’s rendition of jesus’ gonna be here. it had to be you featured the two part harmony that chris and i have been singing since the late 80′s. clay took the lead again on jockey full of bourbon while i made bullwhip sounds.

We Are Cannibals

MMashtraywe tuned our guitars, learned some new songs, and we’re finally ready to open motel mancini back up this friday at homer’s coffeehouse @ 7:30! the last time we built up anticipation before playing it was with a countdown that started 10 weeks before the show– this time we cannibalized old letterman commercial bumpers (those images that you see before and after a commercial). here are some other ones that went up on facebook and instagram last week:MANCINI wallmotel mancini cocktailMANCINIschoollunch