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We Are Cannibals

MMashtraywe tuned our guitars, learned some new songs, and we’re finally ready to open motel mancini back up this friday at homer’s coffeehouse @ 7:30! the last time we built up anticipation before playing it was with a countdown that started 10 weeks before the show– this time we cannibalized old letterman commercial bumpers (those images that you see before and after a commercial). here are some other ones that went up on facebook and instagram last week:MANCINI wallmotel mancini cocktailMANCINIschoollunch

The Tomato Man

killertomatoARROWSone of our friends from virginia posted this pic recently. i added the arrows. i’m pretty sure the green arrow is pointing to the head that is trying to emerge from inside. i can tell it’s the head because of the frown and the eye. that little tomato man must be really broad shouldered because i think the white arrow is pointing to one of his biceps.

Polaroid Pearls

polaroid pearlsfound this polaroid across the street from our house a few days ago. jenny & i were out for a walk & noticed it lying on the ground. a polaroid is a portal into the past. it used to be the fastest way you could capture a moment. a few seconds after a click, flash, and a high pitched buzz… you held a picture in your hand. handwritten on the back reads: diamond rings cultured pearls & necklace 9/82. the owner was probably recording it for insurance purposes.

Whatever It Takes

BowieIggyLouReed_2_DorchesterHotel_London1972_3040cMickRock036_lwhat does it take to play in a band called motel mancini? it takes the oddity of david bowie, the raw power of iggy pop, and the wild side of lou reed– at least that’s what i’m telling folks. chris, clay, and i will play your favorite tunes friday, january 18 @ homer’s coffeehouse starting at 7:30.

2018 Year End Highlights III

birthday jennyjenny celebrated her new year’s eve birthday with very little fanfare this year. normally we go to the gibson’s house & watch dick clark’s new year’s rockin’ eve on their TV. this year the gibson family actually went to new york city to see it for real. we stayed home, and had a quiet evening. and that was just fine.

2018 Year End Highlights II

kids on a ledgesara, andrew, jane, and mary lynn threw caution to the wind, and sat precariously on a ledge that was part of a 1930′s work project. it’s in the walter woods conservation area just a few miles from mom & jim’s house. this is the same building pictured in the post holiday downshift post.

2018 Year End Highlights I

MJ n PJyou don’t have to be a human to celebrate christmas in joplin. the cradler is my niece, mary lynn. the cradlee is my cousin’s dog, PJ. there are so many things that can be said about this pic, so many captions– bring on the comments!

Just The Three Of Us

dudedonnywalterdon’t look now, but motel mancini is coming back in a few weeks! cheer up & get yourself to homer’s coffeehouse on january 18 (friday). that’s where chris, clay, and i will reassemble to play all your favorite tunes from 7:30-9:30, or until someone calls to complain about the noise.

Post Holiday Downshift

rodneyallenrippyi’m not sure if the last 10 days of christmas flew by me or shoved past me like a guy cutting in line– either way it’s time for jenny & i to slow down and take life a little easier… just like rodney allen rippy! whoa, the last time i typed his name on this blog was 8 years ago when jack in the box brought 50 cent tacos back to kansas city. they cost 75 cents now. i guess time does fly by. anyway, we had a great time with family in joplin this christmas weekend:EVERYONEwithSMOKEYstarting at the left and going clockwise that’s mom, jane, warren, hugo, PJ, jenny, marylynn, andrew, me, smokey, and sara.

Max’s Theme From Mahogany

mahoganyi never saw the 1975 movie, mahogany, but that doesn’t stop me from singing the theme song when i can’t figure something out. the lyrics are:
do you know, where you’re going to?
do you like the things that life is showing you?
where are you going to?
do you know?

when max (our cat) jumped on the computer desk this morning, and clawed at something invisible on the wall, i sang these words like diana ross:
do you know, what you’re looking at?
what do you see on the wall you crazy cat?
is it some kind of gnat?
do you know?

…and then i looked up the chords and played it on my guitar.