The Time Of The DJ

deejayThere was a time when radio deejays were entertaining and knowledgeable. We are no longer living in that time. Tonight Jenny & I were laughing uncontrollably when a DJ played Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. We thought it was funny because the DJ called the band Stewardship, and apparently it is a big deal that they are coming to Great Bend, KS on October 19. Great Bend is over 250 miles west of Kansas City. That’s almost 4 hours driving time. I don’t know anyone who is that big of a Starship fan.

3 Responses to The Time Of The DJ

  1. Seems it’s like that in a lot of situations now a days.

  2. Abby says she used to watch a show with a ship called the enterprise but can’t remember the show. I used to watch Mickey mouse and the only thing i can remember is Annette funny cello. (NOW SHE remembers- star trek)

  3. They don’t hold a candle to Second Meal.

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