The House Where Nobody Lives

fake houseDon’t knock on the door because no one’s ever home. There is a house in Johnson County that was built to look like a residence, but it’s actually owned by a public utility company. The house pictured above is at 75th and Nall. It’s a wastewater pumping station. I found out about it through a facebook page that focuses on local neighborhood history. This Prairie Village house was built in 1963.

6 Responses to The House Where Nobody Lives

  1. Oh my goodness, is it in a neighborhood? Has it ever been vandalized? Does anybody work there during the day? Was it ever used for a home? Is it haunted?

    • mom, yes it’s in a neighborhood. jenny & i drove up in the driveway last night. don’t know if it’s ever been vandalized, and i don’t think people work there regularly. it was never used as a home. it probably feels haunted with all the weird sounds and smells that go on at night.

  2. How ironic. I live in a residence that looks like a wastewater pumping station.

  3. That was the year I started at Pasadena College.

  4. goes to show,…just when you think you know where everyone lives,…BAM.

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