Don’t Stop The Presses!

80smallbookpressesLast month I helped fund a kickstarter project: The Decline of Mall Civilization. It’s a book full of 1980′s mall pics. If it weren’t for my favorite 80′s podcast I would have totally missed out. Photographer Michael Galinsky was on an episode of Stuck in the 80′s this summer to wax nostalgic about mall culture and talk about his new book. My copy will be arriving soon.

2 Responses to Don’t Stop The Presses!

  1. Trying to remember my days in the mall in Covina in the 60′s. Only 1 I can think of. Biggest store was May Co. Had an escalator. West Covina had a strip mall that had a J.C. Penny in it and Nana worked there for awhile. We always had to clean up and put on something nice to shop there.
    My how things have changed.

  2. My mall before I was six was Mama’s store. You had to watch your manners and know everything in Spanish.After that, it was the big city of. El Paso, and shopping with Mama (or mom), but I mostly remember shopping with Mama in Juarez and Church in El Paso (Catholic).

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