Brave Scuba Girls

scuba“It’s like being in the upside-down!” That’s how my nieces, Sara, Jane, and Mary Lynn described scuba diving in Beaver Lake last weekend. They were referring to the alternate nether regions of Stranger Things. In the upside-down it’s always dark, visible skin particles float on the air, and if you’re not careful, you might meet a hungry otherworldly being.

4 Responses to Brave Scuba Girls

  1. They are so beautiful and adventurous.

  2. You sure this isn’t from an episode of Charlie’s Angels?

  3. Van Halen would be proud

  4. They were so stoked and revved up for this adventure. Congrats girls. I thought Darla’s and my dive master years ago was great, but Joel with Calypso’s Dive in Joplin, was truly outstanding.

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