Blank No More

PHASE2This is what happens when all the drinks are made, all the tables are cleared off, fresh milk is in the ‘frig, and all of the counters are wiped down. I drew a few cartoons at homer’s yesterday. It’s been awhile since I freestyled on a blank page without any provocation. Maybe it’s because my 35th high school reunion is coming up. I drew a lot of cartoons to pass the time in those days. I’m just checking to see what’s left in the arsenal I guess.

3 Responses to Blank No More

  1. I say you should do some charactitures of old classmates then and now. You could have fun with the creeps that were in your class and all the girls that liked you would like you more!

  2. I’d say, just at first glance, there’s quite a bit left in the ol’ arsenal, and with your cartoons and stories, nobody can hold a candle to you, son. You’re one of a kind.

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