The Tribe I Never Knew

delosI never met John before yesterday, but when I realized we were wearing the same t-shirt, I had to say “hi!” He told me a story about the t-shirts we both had on. Apparently there is a sailboat crew aka the Delos Tribe, and they have circled the globe multiple times since 2008. They are always sailing around the world, and recording their adventures on youtube. Yesterday the crew was 45 miles away from Princess Alice Shoals in the North Atlantic (I think it’s off the coast of Portugal). Their trips are funded by fans. They sell merchandise (like my shirt) to supporters. John was surprised that I got my shirt for $5 at a thrift store. He said they usually cost $30-$70.

3 Responses to The Tribe I Never Knew

  1. That’s an interesting way to make a living and have fun.
    I can’t believe how thin you look. Now shoulders back. head high and look out world!

  2. i posted this on instagram and got a reply from Michael Trautman, one of the sailing brothers. he commented, “Two stud muffins showing off their DELOS TRIBE VIBE. Thanks guys.” jenny & i watched a video they posted 4 days ago when they sailed to montserrat island where a volcano erupted multiple times in the last 20 years.

  3. AW, T shirts, covering more subjects than skin in the 3 XL versions . Very cool history though

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