The Eye Of The Beholder

datsunhere’s what happened. jenny’s cousin kathy said, “dave if you want a cold beer, there’s a ‘frig in the garage where you can get one.” when i saw this old datsun in their garage, i immediately wanted a picture of it. i could’ve done a standing pose outside of it, or even sat in the driver’s seat– but i went for this one instead. kathy let me borrow a 1973 chilton’s manual, and jenny took the photo. kathy’s husband ed is going to fix it up, but i like the rough look it has right now. during the weekend we saw some really cool cars at eddies rod & custom shop, but this is the one i’m going to remember.

3 Responses to The Eye Of The Beholder

  1. What was your first car? I know it was orange, was it a Watson? I remember going with you on the test drive. The guy drove like a crazy man. It was off hwy. 71 towards Neosho, right?

  2. If I’m not mistaken, I saw the hood and a side shot of a ’51 Chevy, which was my first car.

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