Number Neighbor

numberneighbormy number neighbor reached out to me on monday. if you’re wondering what that means, it’s this: someone out there has my phone number, except for the last digit, and they texted me. so if my phone number ended in 4461, my number neighbor would be 4460. when i asked a few folks at the coffeehouse if they had received a similar text, one guy said “yeah,” and showed me a picture of a cat that his number neighbor had sent him. the screenshot above is how my exchange went. i guess i could have been friendlier.

4 Responses to Number Neighbor

  1. Did this actually happen?
    What does the pig in the lawn have to do with the number neighbor? I’m being too literal or critical. This must be a new game the bored ones are playing.

  2. I don’t know if Trump is our number neighbor, but I hope he gets a friendliner response from these Neanderthal el pasoans than what you did. He’s coming today at 2.

  3. He made it out alive.

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