Kamikaze Cram Sessions

HSTworkspace the next 48 hours are going to feel like i’m cramming for college finals. jim mathis has commissioned me to draw cartoons for his next book called the camel and the eye of the needle. i read most of the book yesterday, and i’ll crank out some material for him today. then starting at noon tomorrow, i’ll be in a 24 hour race against other radio producers. it’s a contest to see who can write, edit, and produce the best 4 minute non-fiction piece for a santa monica radio station. when the dust clears in a couple of weeks, the winner will collect $1000.

3 Responses to Kamikaze Cram Sessions

  1. My prayers are with you, son.

  2. Sorry I didn’t check you out yesterday.
    This is right up your alley, cartoons and a west coast radio station. You can then say you’ve worked on East and West coast radio! :)

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