Fort Scott Layover

commongroundsheading down to nevada to meet my sister and my oldest niece. mary lynn asked to spend the week with jenny & me, so we’re meeting at the burger king just off the interstate. when they called to say they were running late, i was already an hour down the road, so i told them that was alright. it gave me a few extra minutes to stop in ft. scott, drink a red eye, and catch up with dav mohler’s daughter, ceilidh. she works in a local coffeehouse on main street.

3 Responses to Fort Scott Layover

  1. Hope they never get rid of those bricks.

  2. Isn’t that your pickup truck in the window?
    We had fun at the church fireworks display last night. S & D and girls came.

    • yes mom! that IS my truck in the window! glad you had fun at the church fireworks display, mary lynn has seen at least 3 organized ones up here & we drove through a neighborhood that was exploding around us thursday night. she loved it!

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