4th Of July Week With Mary Lynn

collagewednesday: watched the kansas city t bones beat the sioux falls canaries in 11 innings, also got to see TWO firework displays!
thursday: binged the first 6 episodes of stranger things 3rd season, joined a handful of moviegoers at the glenwood arts for yesterday, and drove through fog, firework smoke, and all of the explosions we could find after dark.
friday: watched the last two episodes of stranger things, taught mary lynn how to drive a stick shift in the old mission bowl parking lot, ate dinner at the ship, talked to some friendly bikers in the west bottoms, and hiked to the liberty memorial.
saturday (today): in progress

3 Responses to 4th Of July Week With Mary Lynn

  1. When did you have time to work? I’m getting tired just looking at the pictures.

  2. You took my grandtr. to “the west bottoms” and met some “Friendly Bikers?” Are you crazy? I don’t know but it sounds risky to me.
    Talked to Darla last night and she had all 3 girls, so I guess you made it through. Thank God for guardian angels.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    waving your bottom at bikers is never a good idea. friendly or otherwise. oh, wait… I read that wrong. never mind.

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