The Weather Started Getting Rough

QlJNa-1524779011-614-quiz_question_image_-gilligan_or_skipper_7i moved my truck into the street so jenny could back out of the driveway this morning. the skies were darker than normal, and thunderstorms were in the forecast according to the national weather bureau. it was dry and calm, but i knew the conditions were getting ready to flip. 20 minutes later the wind chimes were chiming, the street gutter was a creek, the lights in our house went off and on, and i heard gilligan yelling “SKIP-PER!”

4 Responses to The Weather Started Getting Rough

  1. that’s too funny. great writing. hope jenny got out before the monsoon hit. it was hot and dry in joplin.

  2. Our lights blinked too. I feel fortunate to still have power.

  3. aye, full speed ahead mate

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