The Medicine Cabinet

ranchmartwhen something seems REALLY out of place– like a dog wearing pants, i can’t help but notice it. yesterday at ranchmart i discovered a medicine cabinet in the men’s room. yesterday was a strange day, a woman brought her dog into homer’s (no, it wasn’t wearing pants), later i saw eye to eye with a tree–eyeballtree…and then i found a medicine cabinet inside a public restroom. i’m going back now so i can start leaving little trinkets there like boo radley left for scout. it’s gonna be a good summer!

4 Responses to The Medicine Cabinet

  1. Just make sure they all don’t start talking to; Then it might not be so good a summer (there’s always gotta be a boobird, son!).

  2. Lars Fessenton

    If you look closely you can see an atticus-finch on that one limb.

  3. It’s good to pay attention to what’s happening around us. We often get too busy.
    Is that you with the skinny face and a pillow on your head?

    • haha yeah that’s me mom! but i don’t think my face looks too skinny there. i was scrunching down trying to keep the pillow on my head until easton took the picture

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