Still In Transition

PaperMoon3awe took sara back to joplin on sunday, but here it is wednesday, and i’m still missing her. when i was walking home from work yesterday, i thought about grabbing a bite at snack and shack, but i couldn’t do it because that’s where sara and i ate lunch last tuesday. i wondered if this is what ryan o’neal would have gone through if tatum o’neal hadn’t caught up to him at the end of paper moon.

2 Responses to Still In Transition

  1. Sara is with me now helping paint porch rails. Thank God for Sara. We are going to 3rd Thursday tonight. That should be more fun for her.

  2. parting with good times and good people is difficult, but seeing them again always makes you happy.,., thus isn’t confucius saying , it’s Hoovie…

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