Return To The Medicine Cabinet

20190627_180336i went back to the ranch mart medicine cabinet thursday, and left a postcard inside. i blogged about the medicine cabinet inside the men’s room the day after jenny & i ate dinner at urban table. we wanted to stretch our legs, and i had to find a restroom. when i told jenny what i found inside the bathroom, she suggested that i leave something inside it… so i made a postcard from the past. iagohenry

5 Responses to Return To The Medicine Cabinet

  1. Ok. But did you remember to flush?

  2. whoa, I’m proud of you both! ;) ;)


    • man hoove, i don’t know why your comment didn’t go right up on its own. maybe because you ID’d yourself as “hoovie” with a lower case H last time. now that i’ve “approved” you as “Hoovie” try it again to see if if i have to moderate it again. sorry bro. really glad you came up this wknd!

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