“Every Animal Needs Love…”

with rocky…that’s what sara told me when my cousin’s cat was rubbing his face all over her legs yesterday. warren asked me to feed his geckos, check on the cat, and bring the mail inside while he’s away. sara asked me “what’s the cat’s name?” i told her “that’s rocky.” he was purring. sara said “he’s so soft!” they hit it off right way and pledged their love for each other. i swear they almost exchanged phone numbers before i intervened.

2 Responses to “Every Animal Needs Love…”

  1. I know you’re having a good time and I’m happy for you. pretty cat and prettier girl.

  2. cats will do that, lead you on, then POW, THEY OWN YOU…trips to the vet, food every day…and on and on..

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