When The White Rabbit Wore White Jeans

jefferson airplanei heard a radio ad on monday that hasn’t aired since my first birthday. on an episode of 99 percent invisible, clive desmond was recalling the golden age of radio ads. as he was talking, reminiscing, and making sense of it all, i heard ads recorded by ken nordine, frank zappa, linda ronstadt, and this one by the jefferson airplane.

One Response to When The White Rabbit Wore White Jeans

  1. Jim heard that and said “what’s that squeaky, it’s horrible” I agree. I can’t imagine riding in uncle Jerry’s convertible with the radio turned up, to the beach with the top down and us all laughing and yelling to be heard by the one in the front or back seat, understanding anything in that ad. The radio was always on to KRPT. (I think or something like that)

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