Mi Familia

2BESTdad and abby made a 14 hour drive from el paso to my sister’s house this weekend. they broke up the trip and spent one night in oklahoma city. jenny and i took a sunday drive and drove a couple of hours to spend the afternoon with everyone. we ate lunch, told stories, and sang songs that only get sung when families get together. WEIRDcool…and this is what happens when you tell everyone “okay, don’t move!” only to find out later that somebody did just that.

6 Responses to Mi Familia

  1. What’s the deal? Your dad has 3 arms?
    When did he grow that one? Great picture.
    I know you all had a good time and I’m so happy for you.

  2. son you’re having too much fun with photo shop or whatever you’re using. I’ll bet one of those song’s was El Paso, right?

    • i’m using microsoft paint, and yes, we did sing El Paso! pretty sure that abby got some of it on video too!

  3. Lars Fessenton

    But did you sing Marty Robbins?

    • no, but we did sing another song that started out “in a little cafĂ© just the other side of the border…” do you remember singing Come A Little Bit Closer with my dad in the impala? he was playing his coronet this time.

  4. Lars Fessenton

    i actually do remember that.

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