Blood On The Saddle

BIGALcountrybearno one could suck the life out of a rollicking bluegrass jam like big al. the country bear jamboree was an attraction at disneyland where the animatronic bears would tell jokes, play fast catchy songs, and every time the spotlight went on big al he would start the same slow tex ritter ballad– blood on the saddle. so where did this photo come from? i found it on the facebook page weird second hand finds that just need to be shared. somebody picked up a big al souvenir in portland, but didn’t know where he came from. there are currently 108 comments on that page explaining big al.

One Response to Blood On The Saddle

  1. Guess what I have? Buford, part of the 3. Sending you a picture. Oh my, we laughed our heads off. Do you remember the song they sang about Buford? I do.

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