Coffeehouse Kids

jennybenandkatelynjenny and i don’t have biological kids of our own. when someone asks if i have kids i tell them that over the years we became surrogate parents for other people’s kids at the coffeehouse i work at. this photo was taken last november at josh and christy’s house. christy was one of our first coffeehouse kids, and now she’s a mom to ben and katelyn (above). so i guess we’re more like grandparents now.

4 Responses to Coffeehouse Kids

  1. and that is wonderful. so does that make me great mommakat again? that would be 4. Izzy, Lilly, Ben & Katelyn

  2. Lars Fessenton

    I’ve always thought your house should look like a giant boot with windows.

  3. Lessee–the old lady with the shoe, right?

  4. Lars Fessenton

    what you do with lady shoes is your business.

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