Super Mega Awesome Kids

lockwoodkidsif you go to the website for lockwood R-1 schools, you’ll see this pic, and read these words: Congrats to the following music students! Exemplary Rating and will go onto State Contest: Mary Lynn’s solo; Casey’s solo; Sara’s solo; Vocal Trio of Mary Lynn, Casey, and Sara. Outstanding Rating: Abriel’s solo. i am one proud uncle!

4 Responses to Super Mega Awesome Kids

  1. that’s a great picture. I haven’t even seen that one. wish you could have heard our girls. I was speechless with tears running out my eyes. I can’t imagine the girls future. they are so talented.

  2. Lars Fessenton

    Always nice to see kids making right turns.

  3. Booyah! What a great bunch! We’re all pproud of our grandkids; even little Matthew, with honorable mention in robot technology in state at College Station, TX! Darla’s got that pic.

  4. Did Darla get a video or did they allow any?

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