Snatched From The Brink

struggling writer 2i was almost asleep when the cat woke me up. my cat doesn’t wake me up when there’s danger. he’s not a dog. he wakes me up because he’s bored. after a failed attempt at going back to sleep, i looked up some old xanga blog entries that tom geeding and i made 14 years ago. our online names were carlo and skeeter. i was carlo. here’s one from april 29, 2005:
The lilacs spoke my name as the sidewalk yawned, suddenly there were gas-powered hot wheels coming out of the grass blades. “Could there be a dealership down there? Who taught those ants to drive? I didn’t think Volkswagens could get any smaller.” These were just a few random thoughts that passed as I realized that my lawn needed mowing.
- Carlo

Man, I’ve seen your lawn…it could have been Teamsters and a Mack Truck. Break down and buy a Toro or something.
- Skeeter

5 Responses to Snatched From The Brink

  1. sounds about right! too bad you two couldn’t keep it up. didn’t one of Tom’s boys take that over?

  2. mom, you’re thinking of channel 84 tv, and that was a cartoon strip that tom & i co-created. we sold the rights to his youngest son michael & a friend (can’t remember the kid’s name), and they turned it into a youtube gaming show. the last episode went up 7 months ago, so it’s not dead yet! this “carlo” and “skeeter” exchange was something else tom & i were posting on xanga… i’m not sure how to describe “xanga” except that it was a website that let us post things on it, and be weird. so that’s what we did every day for a year between 2004-05.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    I slit the sheet. The sheet I slit. Upon the slitted sheet I sit.

  4. I don’t touch weeds anymore. Only my gloves do.

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