Sleepy Fog

foggftscottthey must have stayed up late the night before. sometimes it’s too easy to roll around in the sky, and bounce off each other like big cushy pillows. they can do that sort of thing when the boss isn’t around. now it’s morning. i know the clouds are still asleep because there’s a heavy fog that hasn’t lifted yet. you can almost hear them snoring. the sunlight from their boss is slowly exposing their laziness. it won’t be long before they can’t take the heat, and go back to work. but for now… in this “in between” time, i can be sleepy with the foggy clouds.
big thanks to dav mohler for taking this ft. scott photo!

3 Responses to Sleepy Fog

  1. everything is alive, even the clouds and I’m sure they appreciate you noticing them. I love the way you write.

  2. I can just hear ‘Claire design Lune’ playing in the morning air.

  3. That’s ‘Claire de Lune”. I got ‘Clairied’ away.

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