Like A Tiger At The Rino

likeatigerfriday night we went exploring and heard like a tiger at the rino, a coffee and cocktail bar in north kansas city. like a tiger were one of the opening bands for unwed sailor, an ambient drone group from oklahoma. we didn’t stay for the headliner, but we got to hear some cool instrumental rock as we sipped on our cocktails… just another sleepy night in the city.

5 Responses to Like A Tiger At The Rino

  1. Hope you make it to Joplin this week-end.

  2. What she said.

  3. you two crack me up. aren’t you going to say something like “well back in my day an instrumental was just something you heard in the middle of a song!” or something like that? just wondering. love you both.

  4. Believe it or not, I still remember Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass ‘Sweet as Honey’ or something like that, and that’s strictly instrumental.

  5. I remember “TEQUILA” Probably wouldn’t have thought of that until your dad mentioned Herb Albert.

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