In Between Arcades

jimnmelast weekend i spent a combined time of 8 hours in two arcades. friday i was at arkadia retrocade in fayetteville, ar. saturday i was at 1984 in springfield, mo. when i wasn’t playing space invaders & congo bongo, i was hanging out with family and friends. the pic below is near avilla, mo. where i helped michael and michele get their cows across the road from one pasture to another. when i asked michele what we were doing, she answered “pushing up cows.”cowpanorama

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  2. good picture of you and Jim. do all of those cows belong to Michelle and her husband? that’s a lot of beef!

    • no mom, those 450 cattle belong to the dairy where michael works. i caught them just in time, they move to idaho in two days!

  3. Jim looks real good. If you guys have to ride horses, hope you have better luck than me on my first ride.

    • nobody got on any horses, dad. michele’s husband michael was rounding them up with an ATV. what happened on your first ride?

  4. I got thrown off. Of course, I was young, inexperienced and was distracted from see the tree branch that sent me down.

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