Happy Birthday Chloé

bigshowthere’s no rain in the forecast, a room temperature high of 72 degrees is expected, and chloé is 25 today! jenny & i still remember the moment her maternal grandma, janelle, said “IT’S A GIRL!” and chloé’s paternal grandpa, bob, repeated “IT’S A GIRL?!!!” as he smiled in a rare display of giddy joy. chloé will probably receive a lot of gifts in the next few days, but she actually likes to give gifts as much as she likes receiving them. she gave this gift to jenny a couple of weeks ago, and it really brightened up her day. happy birthday kiddo.
-above image borrowed from martin gram’s kickstarter page for the big show

4 Responses to Happy Birthday Chloé

  1. please tell Chloe happy birthday for us. I still remember Chrisy telling Mom that she was the only one that as a tiny baby Chloe would let hold her. You and Chris were playing at Mildreds and it seemed that Mom held Chloe the whole night. She must have had as much pleasure in holding her as in listening to you boys.

  2. Tell her to keep on singin, just like in the m by Frank L Stanton, “Keep a Goin’”, son, for your grandma, Jenny, and all of us.

  3. That’s a poem.

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