The Radio In My Head

moreHi don’t know what real silence is. there is never an absence of sound because a brushy electronic white noise static hum is always going on in my head. it’s something i’ve gotten used to, and i hardly notice it most of the time– but i REALLY became aware of it during our last trip to jenny’s hometown in rural nebraska. her brother steve drove us out to a bridge one night that was miles away from everything. we got out of the truck to look at the moon and the stars, and jenny said “listen to the silence!” everyone got quiet. no one said anything for a minute, but i could still hear the sound of a paused cassette player with the volume all the way up.

3 Responses to The Radio In My Head

  1. I would think that would be a beautiful moment and memory. I can imagine being with the ones I love in peace, holding hands, eyes closed and soaking in silence.
    wish I could have been there.

  2. yeah, i’ve learned that some people are uncomfortable with silence. not me. i wonder if it has something to do with age.

  3. I really miss the silence.-I have a constant ringing in my ears and am losing my right ear hearing.

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