Post Holiday Downshift

rodneyallenrippyi’m not sure if the last 10 days of christmas flew by me or shoved past me like a guy cutting in line– either way it’s time for jenny & i to slow down and take life a little easier… just like rodney allen rippy! whoa, the last time i typed his name on this blog was 8 years ago when jack in the box brought 50 cent tacos back to kansas city. they cost 75 cents now. i guess time does fly by. anyway, we had a great time with family in joplin this christmas weekend:EVERYONEwithSMOKEYstarting at the left and going clockwise that’s mom, jane, warren, hugo, PJ, jenny, marylynn, andrew, me, smokey, and sara.

3 Responses to Post Holiday Downshift

  1. Where was that taken, son? It’s a beautiful picture. Did Darla take, and where’s Jim?

  2. it’s at the walter woods conservation area just about 3 miles from mom & jim’s. darla wasn’t there & neither was jim. mom & i took two pics and i sort of photoshopped myself into one of them.

  3. what a way to end the year. all I can say is we are truly blessed and I wish the same for everyone.

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