Here A Family, There A Family…

bassmen…everywhere a family family! couldn’t resist posting this awkward family photo. jenny & i got to see andrew play upright bass at olathe northwest high school monday night. before everyone took his picture, i was holding his bass for him while he gathered his stand, case, and music– and then the next thing i know he was posing for his mom. i didn’t get out of the photo in time. gymthat’s andrew under the white arrow. there were 600 students playing in five separate orchestras at first. then they all joined at the end on Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. couchthis is from our thanksgiving trip to curtis. that’s marijo, georgia, jenny, molly, thaddeus, and maku.nandomolly and fernando have a groovy kind of love. marijo is always trying to find the answer to something on her smartphone.

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  1. how wonderful families are!

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