What Might Have Been

Beatles-Attempted-Lord-of-the-Rings-Beatles-1968what if the beatles had gone into middle earth instead of a yellow submarine? according to Anything You Can Imagine: Peter Jackson & The Making of Middle-Earth, author ian nathan writes that the beatles actually DID attemptĀ  lord of the rings as a musical adaptation. i read the story on retroist.com, and while it doesn’t reveal why the project didn’t happen, it does remind fans that j.r.r. tolkien was still alive in 1968, and held the film rights to lord of the rings.

3 Responses to What Might Have Been

  1. This photo however, is from the unreleased, “Knights of Nhee – The Musical” by the Beatles.
    The still shot above taken from the pivotal, “Bring us a shrubbery!” scene.
    Most will be familiar with the much later spoken version in the Monty Python movie “Search for the Holy Grail”.

  2. J. R. R. Tolkien was actually the fifth Beatle. Not many people know that.

  3. Lars, you’re as crazy as Davy! that’s why I love you

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