‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

curtis-ne-2007-dan-kalalthe ghost train ran through curtis┬álast night– or the railroad crossing lights could have been malfunctioning. either way, i was out walking with my brother-in-law steve in my wife’s hometown last night when we heard the familiar sounds that go off at a train intersection. when we got closer to the tracks, we saw the red crossing lights flashing in time with the warning bells. “there hasn’t been a train come through town in years,” steve said. so we walked up to the sheriff’s office to make sure they knew what was going on. as we walked in steve said, “you might already know about this but–” and the officer on duty said, “the train lights? yeah we know.” as we stood there laughing & making small talk the officer’s phone started ringing (quacking, actually), and it was somebody else calling about the railroad lights. later i asked steve if this incident would be reported in the local newspaper. he nodded & said “yeah probably!”

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  1. so, you didn’t say if a ghost train actually went through. but I’m saying it did. you couldn’t see it because it’s a GHOST TRAIN. this could turn into a great story.

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