The Uno Synth

ARPit slices! it dices! it can make an E minor chord sound like a space invasion! say hello to the UNO synth! it’s not just a word you say when you’re holding one card, it’s a monophonic synthesizer that has adjustable scales, multiple controls, and an arpeggiator!!! this is something i recorded right before jenny came home from work. the four note sequence on the UNO is E G B C. once that got going at 78 beats per minute i just started playing some chords on the guitar.

3 Responses to The Uno Synth

  1. I listened, did I hear it changing in chords or was it you playing that made me think it changed chords?

  2. mom, the synthesizer notes don’t change. i made an arpeggio pattern that plays up E G B C, then back down C B G E, and then it just keeps going up and down on those notes. the guitar chords are E minor, E minor diminished (i think) A minor, C, and D.

  3. I thought I could hear some change. it wasn’t just repetitive EGBC. it went forwards and backwards. wish I knew how to read music like you and Jenny and Darla.

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