The Uno Synth

ARPit slices! it dices! it can make an E minor chord sound like a space invasion! say hello to the UNO synth! it’s not just a word you say when you’re holding one card, it’s a monophonic synthesizer that has adjustable scales, multiple controls, and an arpeggiator!!! this is something i recorded right before jenny came home from work. the four note sequence on the UNO is E G B C. once that got going at 78 beats per minute i just started playing some chords on the guitar.

4 Responses to The Uno Synth

  1. I listened, did I hear it changing in chords or was it you playing that made me think it changed chords?

  2. mom, the synthesizer notes don’t change. i made an arpeggio pattern that plays up E G B C, then back down C B G E, and then it just keeps going up and down on those notes. the guitar chords are E minor, E minor diminished (i think) A minor, C, and D.

  3. I thought I could hear some change. it wasn’t just repetitive EGBC. it went forwards and backwards. wish I knew how to read music like you and Jenny and Darla.

  4. Congrats on your ownership! Also wanted to say that you should update your photo on the main page. Show off your skinny face! ;0)

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