Mile Marker 1,000

1000posts“breaker breaker one nine, we got an oil spill out on mile marker 1,000!” these are the kind of things i’ve been writing over the last seven years. yesterday’s blog post rolled the odometer to 1,000. can you believe it? since 2011 i’ve created and destroyed multiple electronic devices, told stories of love and loss, and basically chronicled life in the midwest. here are some blog entry titles coming up on the horizon:
The UNO Synth
My Favorite Life Detective
Wordy McWorderson

4 Responses to Mile Marker 1,000

  1. WOW Son, I’m impressed. You could be another Garrison Keilor. I just finished reading his book “Pilgrim’s.” You are every bit as good as him and your stories are shorter. :)

  2. haha thanks mom! i could write longer stories, but when the screen gets blurry i know it’s time to step away.

  3. Seinfeld: “So what’s your blog about?”
    Dave: “Nothing.”
    Seinfeld: “So it’s a blog about nothing? It can’t fail!”

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