Me & C-Zeekio

3there are no x-wing fighters, lightsabers or heavy breathing dark masters of the jedi in curtis, nebraska (sigh) BUT yesterday, zeke & i found something that resembled R2D2. it was a well pumpĀ geocache that marked a historical site: the first irrigation well drilled in frontier county. back in 1946 they couldn’t go deeper than 80 feet due to the sandstone. the current well goes 180 feet. i took a little plastic pterodactyl, left a banjo string, and signed the log.

4 Responses to Me & C-Zeekio

  1. that’s a pretty good find. as big as it appaers, probably not too hard. good pictures. have they spotted aliens around there?

  2. no aliens. just goofy tourists. :)

  3. resemblance is remarkable…

  4. Fun post! Glad you stopped by to enjoy the countryside. We placed these for a big family reunion several years ago and it’s been a great way to share some history and invite folks out to the farm.

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