John Boyage!

johnboyageat homer’s we’ve developed some code names to let each other know when we have to go to the bathroom. there are usually two co-workers on a shift. if one of us has to (ahem!) “do business,” it’s good to let the other one know so he/she can keep an eye on the register. the code is the same for customers that disappear after ordering: guys are john boy, girls are loo lou. on last tuesday’s shift, i told abigail (my co-worker) “i’m john boy,” and i headed for the men’s room. she said, “ok… john boyage!” when she goes “loo lou” next week, i’ll say “tootle loo!” — if i can remember.

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  1. oh that’s too funny. Glad you can have such fun and others too. wish I was that creative.

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