The Grill That Keeps On Giving

happygrillheather: “what did you get me for my birthday dad? do you remember what i asked for? please tell me that you bought that salt-n-pepa CD that has push it!” you know how much i love that song!”
dad: “oh honey, i got you something even better!
heather: “tickets to the concert?!? you know they’re coming to kansas city in two months–”
dad: forget about salt-n-pepa & feast your eyes on your new smoke-n-grill! we’ll never have to eat un-smoked meat again!”

3 Responses to The Grill That Keeps On Giving

  1. are you trying to warn Jane & M.L. what they may get for their BD? or are you trying to make Steve happy?

    • haha! neither! this is a photo that one of jenny’s cousins posted on facebook from her childhood. that’s heather owens around the late 1980′s (i think) and her dad, mike. we just celebrated mike’s 83rd birthday a few weeks ago. i actually made up the conversation & i’m waiting to hear the real story from heather.

  2. What a heart-warming story for the holidays. It all worked out in the end when Heather opened her other presents; a pkg of white tube socks, a clothes steamer and a pkg of D batteries.

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