Little Big Hand

littlebighandsaccording to legend, the little boy with the big hand lived near a nuclear power plant. when he was a baby, everyone pretended not to see his oversized right hand, but as he grew older he became self conscious & covered it with a bag. instead of hiding his abnormality, the bag made people suspect him of robbing convenience stores & shoplifting... ok, so i made that part up. awkward family photos posted this pic on their instagram page & i didn’t see why it made the cut until i read the caption “i had very large hands as a child.” for the record, there are WAY more awkward photos on the website.

2 Responses to Little Big Hand

  1. Didn’t notice that one. Guess I’m just not very observant.

  2. The real crime is that shirt… although, if I had one I’d wear it to gigs.

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